A First In-Engine Screenshot of Procedural Terrain in Age of Nomads

The very first look at the Age of Nomads procedural terrain: this image comes from an in-engine screenshot of the environment assets being created within an Age of Nomads play session. The camera is zoomed in considerably in order to provide this unique perspective: normally players will be seeing this from an overhead view. This is the first image of many more to come, along with the Age of Nomads teaser trailer coming soon.

The Journey Back to the Beginning of Man…

It begins. Age of Nomads is a real time strategy game that allows players to manage a paleolithic tribe of hunter-gatherers as they fight to survive against the elements, and other players.

Here, on this humble website, you will be able to follow the details of the game leading up to launch. At the moment, there is not much to show and no release date.

But there is this logo.